Sample Permit Test




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The single most important thing you can do to improve your chances of surviving a crash is to:

Riders in a staggered formation will be passing a car. After the lead rider passes, he/she should:

Which one of the following statements is correct:

While riding an unfamiliar motorcycle:

A passenger should:

To make good judgments in traffic, you need to first:

When turning, it is important to:

Alcohol enters the bloodstream and quickly reaches the brain. What is affected first?

In slow, tight turns:

When the motorcycle is stopped at an intersection, a passenger should:

Of the following, which one gives the most eye and face protection while riding?

You should make a special point of checking traffic to the rear:

When slowing for a normal stop:

When riding with passengers, you should:

The engine cut-off switch is usually located:

Wearing a helmet will:

Approximately half of all motorcycle crash fatalities are caused by:

Studies show that almost half of all riders killed in motorcycle crashes:

With a properly adjusted mirror you can see:

To make a normal stop, use: